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Dragonball Z Hug X Character Mascot Vol. 02 Plex 2-Inch Plush

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Sku: PLX60733-1

Vendor: Plex

Barcode: 4580683607339

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Simply squeeze their backs legs and their arms open to grasp onto many things. Comes with a ball chain, so can also be clipped onto key rings or a backpack etc.

Customer Reviews

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Have you ever wanted to hold Cell like an Ice Cream Cone? Now you can. I can attach him to my lamp and have him stare into the light like a moth. He has a strong grip on him but that should be expected. I went to the store and he was still there staring at the light, unbothered when I came back. The only downside I can say is that his wings and stinger are printed and not modeled, but it does allow for you to gently grasp him like he's a small bird or something. He is strangely adorable and soft. I love him with all of my heart. He really is Perfect. I first saw someone trying to sell the set on Ebay and I was instantly obsessed with this plush line and wanted to get him ASAP, and the fact that I could get him here for a reasonable price brings me an incredible amount of joy. Very fast shipping too so I didn't wait long at all to bring this villain into my abode. I do not regret bringing this beast into my home. You should get him. Give the guy a little love who knows when the real Cell is coming back if at all, he needs the emotional support I think.
Maybe when the cicadas are out I'll make a photo shoot with him on the branches like the bug he is.